Potted Garden Update 6 December

chilli 2_6dec09

The chilli trees are fruiting so it looks like we’re going to have a brilliant chilli season that will hopefully reap enough fruit to freeze throughout winter.  Most of the rest of the potted garden is looking as good!  Feel free to take a wander through the garden…

johnny castle curry leaf tree

 The curry leaf tree on the left is Baby (nobody puts Baby in a corner) and her new lover boy Johnny Castle.  I picked up Johnny Castle from Bunnings here in Adelaide on Friday afternoon.  He looked like he was going to die if left in Bunnings so I took pity on him and brought him home to make friends with Baby.

old chilli 6 dec09

 This chilli tree is from last year.  It was in such a mess I wasn’t sure if i could save it…Low and behold it’s looking lovely but still hasn’t fruited. 


 There are tomatoes galore that have yet to ripen

tomatoes 6dec09

 The Roma tomatoes are coming along.

indira merge 6dec09

Indira Naidoo (the curry leaf tree not the real person) has grown beyond belief!! I’ve drawn a red arrow at the top of the stake and then at the top of Indira…the inset photograph is when I first potted Indira in her new pot when she was two days old.  The background was taken this morning.  As you can see she’s thriving in her new home.

3 thoughts on “Potted Garden Update 6 December

  1. Your garden looks great! It looks like it gets a lot of light too.

    I have a chilli tree too, which a few months ago was looking like it wouldn’t survive with most of the leaves turning yellow and falling off. Then it started coming back and I am just starting to see some small chillis coming out. I think it’s late in the season but hopefully I can get some chillis!

  2. Oh Jeff, i feel for you…i’d feel the same as you if we got snow in winter! At very least during winter i sill have some herbs that survive even if they are dormant! I’m hoping that my newly acquired curry leaf trees can just be moved to under the back patio and get through winter…fingers crossed.

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