Pretty in Pink

I have recently acquired this lovely pink dress – it looks like it would fit a 3 month old baby.  It’s a lovely example of a mid-last-century garment hand sewn and hand embroidered in the Philippines.  I have a bit of a thing for these mid century baby garments.

This is an ‘after’ picture…by that i mean that it has been repaired and then photographed…i forgot to take  ‘before’ pictures.  Anyways, before i repaired it, the French seams were all coming apart, the buttonhole stitched on the scallop trim at the front neckline was missing in one scallop, one handworked buttonhole needed re-handworking and 4 pin tucks needed re-sewn.

I LOVE French seams.  On this dress i used 140/2 weight cotton thread, a #11 sharps needle and a magnifying lamp to achieve these seams.

The sleeve French seams were also coming apart…so i took apart the entire sleeve including the band. These sleeves weren’t set in, so working the French seam was nice and easy. The four pin tucks on the other side of the dress needed to be re-sewn as they were coming out. I pulled out the old thread bit by bit as a sewed and i made sure my needle went into the old holes whenever possible.

My re-worked hemline isn’t as nice as the original one – it’s my weak point, i must admit.

The embroidery is so very delicate and pretty.  The teensy pin tucks are divine…and the faux pin tucks are just as pretty.  The faux pin tucks are the two centre waves and then two  inner sets of three vertical lines.  You can also see faux pin tucks in the hemline embroidery; they are the two bent diagonal lines that point down and outward from the centre design.  You can’t really see it in this pic, but i repaired one of the neckline scallop humps. That was the most difficult aspect of the repair job.

I also didn’t take a picture of the reworked buttonhole and two vintage teeny pink buttons i put on. The buttons that were on it when it arrived, were small, but appeared ‘not right’. They were a teeny bit too big for the buttonholes and as buttonholes are a high-use feature i felt putting on smaller buttons was the right course of action.

A gorgeous 20th Century dress ready for a 21st Century baby.  It will be stored carefully until some 21st Century grandbabies arrive.

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