Pulled Thread Vintage Gown

long vintage gown #3a

Friends, it’s time to open the vintage wardrobe and rummage around again – I want to share with you this long white-on-white gown that recently joined my collection. Like all of the vintage baby gowns in my collection, this was made by artisan stitchers in the Philippines around the mid 20th Century.

long vintage gown #3b

Look at the rows and rows of teeny pin tucks?? They are divine…but don’t put away your drool towel yet folks…the embroidery between the blocks of pintucks is beyond believable – so very fine.

Long Vintage gown #3c

It’s this picture that sets my heart beating like a drum; look at all the pulled thread work – it’s breathtaking.

Long vintage gown #3d

This gown just keeps on giving – The baby entredeux is so so small and the pintucks on the sleeves are incredibly petite.

I have three long white-on-white vintage gowns in the collection now; they’re all delightful.  I really want to make a long white-on-white gown…well a few of them actually. I have visions of each of my future grandbabies each having one to wear as their ‘coming home from hospital’ gown. After they come home I would embroider their name and the date of their homecoming on the back in white embroidery thread.

This gown has been really looked after for its age but it does need a little work on some of the French seams to bring it back to best condition before it’s ready to be worn again.

Friends, would you use these gorgeous vintage gowns? I know some collectors wouldn’t dream of letting them be worn again – I’m not one of those collectors; I like to give things, including garments, a new life rather than hoarding them away.  My philosophy is ‘if they’re good enough for a museum, then they should be in a museum; otherwise they should be gently and respectfully used.

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