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footstool before 1

Friends, I confess; I’ve been hanging around with that bad influence friend of mine, eBay, again…that gal isn’t good for me! She routinely tempts me and says things like, “go on, press ‘buy it now’. You know you want to'” or “put in a bid; you’ve got to be in it to win it” …And before I know it, I’ve been sucked right in!

When MrSW recently decided to buy two vintage ox-blood wingback chesterfield chairs to replace the two-seater lounge, it became apparent once they were in situ, that footstools were required for optimal comfort. So I have been courting my friend eBay quite a bit of late.  A little more than a week ago I was bidding on two antique footstool frames…I thought I had them; I really did. But someone, clearly more crafty than me, put their eSnipe bid higher than mine! Damn those other eSnipers! Of course, that meant that I needed to hang out with eBay again! I’m fairly certain she’s not the type of gal my mother would be happy for me to hang out with…but at this point in time I need her friendship more than she needs mine so i’ll continue following her to ‘less than savoury’ places!

Last weekend, I won this foot stool for $65. It’s sturdy and has Mortise & Tenon joins, so I know it’s well made. The wood is hardwood and the legs are cabriole/Queen Anne in shape. But the tapestry is ugly and smelled bad.

footstool before 2

So I pulled it all off and was left with this:

 footstool naked 1

While I was contemplating what kind of fabric would be harmonious to our living room, it became clear to me that I had a few options. I could cover with a neutral  fabric and paint the legs or sand and re-stain them. I quite liked this fabric and bought two meters since it was on sale at $6 a metre which is a bargain for cotton/linen domestic fabrics.

 footstool fabric neutral

The other idea would be to buy a new lounge with similar lines to the wingback Chesterfield chairs and cover the footstool with matching fabric. While we were out and about last weekend we saw this:


Picture source: SA Lounge Suites

The lounge on the right is a 2.5 seater and fits in the area that our current 2.5 seater lounge occupies. Ignore the fabric, it’s not at all what I’m thinking of going with. We looked at lounges at Hardly Normal (Harvey Norman) and another independent lounge suite store, but there was nothing that worked for me. Added to that, the quality of materials was missing from the suites that I did like.

This one (Chelsea) from SA Lounge Suites has a hardwood frame (tick), has a lifetime guarantee on the frame (tick tick) and I can choose the fabric (as you do) and choose the legs I want (tick tick tick) and choose how full I want the cushions (tick tick tick tick) and make size and shape changes (tick tick tick tick tick). The separate back and seat cushions will allow me to make slip covers (tick tick tick tick tick tick). Folks, I’m all ticked out. I like the idea that if in, say, a year or two or three I want my lounge suite re-stuffed or even reupholstered I only need go back to the manufacturer.

So after some discussion, we have decided to replace the remaining black modern leather sofa with (most likely) the Chelsea sofa. With this new development, I’m now not sure that I’m going to use the fabric I purchased for the footstool. I might wait a bit, choose the fabric I want for the lounge and then cover the footstool with the same fabric. This may also help me decide whether to paint the footstool frame or just sand it back and stain it again. If I buy a patterned sofa cover, I may cover the footstools in a plain fabric. If I buy a plain neutral covered sofa, I might get a patterned ‘statement’ fabric for the footstools and some matching companion sofa cushions.

Friends…I’m not good with choices and decisions – this quandary could take me a while to sort out. In the meantime, the footstool is being used in it’s current ‘naked’ state.

 side view footstool naked

Friends, do you have any design advice for me? All this design stuff is such a challenge! In the meantime, I’ll keep hanging out with eBay looking for another footstool.

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