Roast Leg of Lamb for Dummies

Apparently a roast leg of lamb is weekly fare in Aussie homes each Sunday lunch time or at least it is considered very Australian to serve lamb roast at your table.
I say apparently, because what makes one Australian varies widely from the notion of what it is to be Australian. I have lived in Australia for 40 years, as has my partner. Our children are first generation Australians…and none of us has ever had a lamb roast much less a Sunday lamb roast …but we are all Australians.
So, when I saw some Suffolk lamb legs in the display of Feast! Fine Foods at Adelaide’s Central Markets, I thought it was about time we gave the ‘Aussie’ Lamb roast a try. This lamb is apparently milk fed. It was $17.99 a kg and the leg i bought was just a tad over 2 kg.
Last night on twitter i was tweeting about making my ‘first’ leg of lamb…and thinking about how i was going to cook it.

The great folks at Feast! Fine Foods tweeted me this LINK which provides a well written and easy to follow set of instructions on a pdf handout. Many thanks to Richard Gunner at Feast! Fine Foods (click HERE to go to Feast! website).

I decided to do my own crust…i had a large bowl of lemons on my kitchen table that needed using so i grated the zest off 5 lemons with the finely chopped leaves from 2 large rosemary springs. I added sea salt and freshly ground pepper to the mix.
The colours of the rub remind me of the wattle trees that lined the front fence of Macquarie Fields Public School along Fields Road, my primary school in NSW. The smell and colours of those wattle trees every summer were intense. We (Annette, Marilyn, Bridget, Stephanie, Penny, Karen and I) used to sit under them and talk about ‘the boys’ (Wayne, Billy, Andre, Dougy…and the list goes on LOL).
I packed the rub onto the meat; it stuck to the flesh easily.
I applied the rub on both sides and then tightly wrapped it in plastic wrap and put it back in the fridge overnight.
My roast weight just over 2kg…I followed the cooking instructions on the Feast!pdf
that Richard sent via twitter (and who said twitter was for twats?? Shame on you Rebecca Wilson!!). I let it rest while i roasted the butternut pumpkin & potatoes…as you can see on the right hand end, i had a little nibble to see how it tasted.
The roast carved beautifully and as you an see it was moist …. beyond what i had expected it to be. There wasn’t a dry spot on any of the meat!
The lemon and rosemary crust was nicely toasted…not at all burned.
There were some pan juices; not a lot because the lamb retained nearly all its moisture. But the pan juices that were there, were very concentrated in flavour. I added about 300 ml of chicken stock to the pan juices, brought them up to a near boiling temperature. I strained the juice, put them back in the pan and then stirred in some arrowroot powder to thicken them. I’m not a lover of flour or cornflour as a thickener; i don’t like the flavour ~ even when you cook the flours in, so i use arrowroot powder.
And voila ~ here’s our first ‘Aussie’ lamb roast.
I can’t tell you how flavoursome, moist and tender the meat was.
I can’t wait to have the leftovers in a toasted sandwich for lunch tomorrow!
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5 thoughts on “Roast Leg of Lamb for Dummies

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  2. I went back to the fridge the day after the lamb sandwich for my next lamb lunch and it was all GONE :O (damn u Caitlin ;P ~ you’ve gotta be quick in our house to get the left-overs if the original meal was good! LOL) So there was no Shepherd’s pie! I’ll get a bigger leg next time….just for the left over factor! I’m loving the website too! All kudos must go to Kitka Hiltula who has done all the work

  3. Love the new website – and the lamb looks amazing. Mouthwatering, in fact… Hope the sandwich was delish – did you have any left over for shepherd’s pie?

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