Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit Run, Run, Run; Easter Cookies – Part 3


Happy Easter! Friends, I’ve had an epic lead up to Easter with making cookies and these are the last ones. They’re super simple to make and very easy on the eye.

Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

running bunny cookie cutter

cookie dough (I use De Koekenbakker’s recipe)

yellow, flood consistency royal icing

blue, flood consistency royal icing

pink, flood consistency royal icing

orange, stiff consistency royal icing

green, stiff consistency royal icing

black, stiff consistency royal icing

white, stiff consistency royal icing for the tail (which I didn’t do with these)

pink, stiff consistency royal icing for the nose (which i didn’t do with these)

101s piping tip

piping bags (and coupler sets if you use them)

black edible marker

Flood your cookies using the yellow, blue and pink flood consistency icing; let dry. If you want your cookies to have a bit of sheen, put them in a dehydrator or with a fan blowing across them while drying. I use a #2 or #3 round tip with a coupler for icing.

Once the flood is dry you can use a #1 tip with the black stiff icing and give each bunny an eye.  The eye lashes can be drawn on when the black eye is dry or you can carefully do it while it’s still wet; just be careful not to knock the wet icing.

Use the #101s tip to make the wind-swept bows; let them dry before moving on to the carrot. Try to make them a little wavy to achieve a windswept look.

Once the bows are dry you can go ahead and pipe on the carrot and top. To achieve them use #1 or #2 round tips. With the Carrot, squeeze the bag when you start off and then stop squeezing and pull to create the long pointed end. Use the same technique with the carrot tops but in the opposite direction. I ran out of white and pink stiff consistency icing and really didn’t want to make small batches for a few cookies, so I didn’t do them.

If you wanted to, you could outline the top of the cookies with stiff consistency royal icing in the same colour as the flood – again, I didn’t; I think I just ran out of Easter steam by the time I got to these cookies haha

That’s it…so simple to do!

Easter cookies might be done for another year but cookies are not…next up is a wedding set with the divine copper cutters that I purchased from ecrandal so stay tuned folks.

Wishing you and yours a very safe and happy Easter.

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