Same but Same but Different

Vogue 2322 x1

Friends, I’ve had this totally sweet Vogue playsuit patten for ages; so long in fact, I can’t remember when I got it! And for some reason, it was never photographed and catalogued on Flickr! So it was no surprise when I unwittingly bought another copy. Thankfully and coincidentally, it wasn’t exactly the same!

 Vogue 2322 x 2

Both patterns look to have been released  in the same  country which indicates one must be a re-release. The style of artwork is identical, the price is identical, the pattern envelope style is identical and they were both from the USA.  The children have been changed ever so slightly, the outline smaller artwork has been moved and the one on the left is ‘one size’ and the pattern on the right is ‘1 year’. I am assuming the one on the left is the later re-release.

 Vogue 2322 x 2

And here is another recent addition – Simplicity 4935; a cute little pinafore type dress in size 1.

 Simplicity 4935

Friends, if you think that the sweet little sunsuits on the Vogue pattern are cute then you’ll LOVE Squirrelly Made’s blog post where she has not only made it, but made some very very pretty additions to it. Go and checkout Mae’s work – you’ll fall in love with her version of the sunsuit; I guarantee it!

Until next time, have a great day 😀

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