Spring Has Sprung

Sublime Simplicity

Welcome to Spring folks!  The days are getting warmer and this gorgeous dress just smacks of spring. When I saw it in Sew Beautiful magazine early this year (Jan/Feb 2013 issue), I just knew I had to make it.  Susie Gay designed the embroidery and hemstitch details. In the magazine Susie Gay used her own pattern ‘Basic Yoke Baby Ensembles’ from Berry Hill Heirlooms.

Sublime Simplicity

Sadly, when I tried to purchase the pattern, I couldn’t – Berry Hill Heirlooms doesn’t ship internationally.  I’ve come across this problem a number of times when trying to get hold of patterns or kits that are featured in Sew Beautiful magazine; It’s one of their biggest failings in my experience as an international subscriber. I would like to see them cater to their international readers and only use designers that ship internationally.

So, the next port of call was my own vintage baby layette pattern collection.

McCall's 2395 - 1960

 McCall’s 2395 view A came to the rescue. It’s a high yoked dress that fitted the bill pretty well – the skirt was way too full for my liking, but a full skirt is very typical of patterns from 1960 as this one is.

Sublime Simplicity hemstitch front

The hemstitch detail is divine! I worked all of the embroidery and hemstitch ‘in block’ and then cut the pattern out when I was ready to construct the garment.  I made a change to the design in the magazine. I chose not to use lace. In the magazine there is lace around the neck, around the edge of the sleeves, down both sides of the embroidery – parallel to it on both the front of the dress and both sleeves. I’m not a huge lover of lace and decided to let the hemstitch and embroidery design speak for itself.

Sublime Simplicity sleeve

I seriously love the embroidery on this dress! I added a sleeve band instead of the entredeux and lace feature that’s on the edge of the sleeve as  per the magazine.

Sublime Simplicity

And now it’s time for confession…As you know friends, I ALWAYS make a mistake! It’s on the back – can you guess? It’s staring you right in the face! The placket is turned the wrong way which makes the yoke edges fold over each other the wrong way. The yoke edge that you see should be on the underside. The mistake was initially made when I was making the placket in the skirt of the dress; the yoke had yet to be attached. Vintage pattern instructions are scant at best – so I was merrily constructing away and by the time I had realised the mistake, the yoke had been attached. If the placket hadn’t been hand stitched down, I could have just turned it the other way; but it’s hand sewn down from edge to edge and partially sewn into the yoke and its lining. I wasn’t even vaguely motivated to undo the mistake – it was too much work.

As dear Doris Day used to trill: “Que Sera Sera.”

While we’re talking about the back, I must tell you about the buttons; vintage milk glass – beyond divine readers!!

For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, I do hope you’re enjoying Spring – it’s one of my favourite seasons. My other favourite season is Autumn – if you’re heading into Autumn in your part of the world: enjoy the cool after summer.

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  1. Lovely post and divine little dress, Su. Our weather is so typically Spring and so changeable. “Spring has sprung and grass is ris……I wonder where the birdies is” ?

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