Stamp It


There comes a point where you start thinking about being a little more serious about what you’re selling.  I’ve been casually selling cookies for a few months now; the most serious I got was to individually package each cookie in a cello bag to maximise freshness.  This week, I designed a logo using Pic Monkey and had that logo made into a rubber stamp. I also ordered some stickers with the logo on too. And at some point I will need to get stickers listing ingredients; especially If I am going to sell cookies at markets.


The versatility that stamps offer is why I decided to get one made instead of rely entirely on stickers. Even though I have been using white packing boxes for cookies, I prefer buff. A stamp allows me to put the image on just about any surface and it blends quite well. Putting a white sticker on a buff bag or box will make it stick out oddly.


A stamp also allows me to make cards to be put into the packaging. At this point in time I haven’t had business cards printed because we are planning an interstate move in the next 12 months and I can’t see the point in making business cards that will be obsolete soon. Since my customers are known to me, I don’t have to worry so much about them finding me again; they know how to find me.  If I do markets at some point, I can write my phone number on the back of the cards that I put into the packaging.

Once I know what’s happening regarding any relocating, I can make further decisions about business cards.

It’s one step further toward getting a little more serious about selling my cookies.

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