Superior Pattern 9354

Superior 9354

Friends, today my first ‘Superior Pattern – Style approved by Cynthia Powell’ layette pattern arrived.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to have found this earlier in the month.  But as soon as I began ironing the pattern pieces getting ready to catalogue it, I became rather unhappy.  Yes you guessed it; yet another pattern listed as “complete” arrived incomplete  👿

The sack pattern is missing…the kimono pattern is missing…the shirt sleeve pattern is missing and the holy grail of patterns is missing; the instruction sheet.  Folks I am so annoyed it’s not funny. It really peeves me off when patterns are listed as “complete” and they’re not!

And of course now I’m left feeling all snitty.  So to change my mood I’m sharing this link of a YouTube video called ‘Pattern for Smartness’ from 1948.


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