Tagine of Lamb…Mouthwatering!

I bought this very nice looking 32cm tagine last week. I’ve cooked lamb tagine in a cast iron pot before and it was YUM, but it’s a whole other experience to cook in a traditional method. I use leg meat chopped coursely and of course if you’re going to use a traditional tagine you need to have a diffuser on your stove top. My darling sister-in-law Hazel got me one many years ago, so I’ve never had to think about such things LOL. The other thing you need to do before you use it each time, is soak it in water for an hour. This is so the pot has lots of moisture to make the meat as soft as butter. I use a recipe i got from the web but i’ve added some things to it from another couple of other versions of the recipe.

I’m going to find some moroccan recipe books…there’s nothing like a recipe book to make my heart sing!

I picked up a really lovely written Italian recipe book last weekend i’ll take some pics and share with you in the next blog. I would like to have a little time to make some pasta from scratch, but the thesis is the priority at the moment.
So my tip for the week is go get a tagine or a good heavy cast iron pot with a lid and start cooking Moroccan; your taste buds will thank you!

xx s

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