Taking root

The garden is growing incrdedibly fast. The picture to the left is the second lemon. The petals fell off and now the fruit is staring to grow.
The cherry chilli plant is FULL of fruit. The picture shows the two biggest chillies. It had a mishap this morning. The wind was blowing so hard it blew the plant over. I quickly stuck stakes next to all three of the plants to stabilise them.

Here’s a picture of them standing tall again! I’ve added a few more herbs. At this point in time i’ve got: 2 thai chilli’s; 1 red cherry chilli; 1 oregano, 1 mint, 2 rosemary, 10 rosemary strikings; 30 birdseye chill seedlings; 1 curly leafed parsley and; 1 continental parsley. The myer lemon is still going strong and i’ve added 1 sydney rhubarb and 8 cos lettuces.

I’ve planted the rhubarb in the styrofoam box along with two cos lettuces. The 6 other lettuces are in the long rectangular planter. It’s not very visually appealing
using a styrofoam box, but the crop will be harvested, so it makes sense to use a temporary box. I’ve used terracotta pots for all of the other things like herbs. All, that is, except for the cos lettuce in the rectangular planter.
The worm farms are doing really well even though it took a few days to get an ant problem in one of them under control. I’m thinking of getting 2 more…we eat alot of plant stuff so there’s lots of waste and the worms aren’t keeping up. Plus i’d like to have one farm for just dog poo….yuk i know, but it takes care of the poo problem! Chloe is in Heidelberg, Germany at the moment. I had an email from her the other day saying how historic Germany is and how beautiful. She’s looking forward to coming home and we’re really looking forward to her coming home.
more next time,

One thought on “Taking root

  1. Dear suziwong66,
    Have had a chance to catch up with your garden goings-on since I’ve been back and am thrilled by our garden’s progress. The herbs, tomatoes and chillis(who’d have thought that dogs would like to nibble on chillis!) are glorious not to mention Indira-the-curry-leaf-tree. I now wish I’d put in chillis in Spring. Oh well… it’s not too late I guess…. Indira

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