The current love of my life

This huge book (well over 1000 pages) is my current constant companion…I’m doing an honours thesis on beginning teachers’ classroom management practice…i have been using it since December last year when i was working on my research scholarship…i have had it borrowed from the uni librar for months…well this week they spat the dummy and wouldn’t let me continue my constant borrowing… i had to buy a copy…that’s not a bad thing, because i use it so often and it truly is a brilliant book on all important global educational research regarding classroom theory and practice. It’s coming up to Easter and i am not prepared because i’ve had so much reading and writing to do for my literature review. I’ll give myself a little time over Easter, but essentially i’ll be writing the entire time; such is the life of a budding educational researcher LOL whatever Easter means to you; have a good one!
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