The great chilli war

Casper had been stealing chilli’s from the tree; i wasn’t impressed to say the least. Growling at him was no use; who could growl at this face??? So in desperation i got a shelf system running out the back now.

The mosaic was coming along well until i cut my thumb. You need to use your thumbs to hold the tiles; so i haven’t been able to get any more done than the picture. hopefully i’ll get some time to be able to do some. My thumb is fine by the way; it took a fair chunk off the tip!

Since that picture of the garden i’ve planted carrots and dwarf beans and two tomatoes. You can’t see the capsicums and sage i planted in the other half wine barrel either. You can see the strawberries on the back fence…they’re sooo juicy and sweet. The worms are doing well, but the heatwave is taking its toll on them. i have to do a daily retrieve of all the worms that head south to the bottom container.

all is well here in really hot Adelaide,
talk soon,

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