The Yellow Linen, Pink Bunny Dress

yellow linen bunny dress - creative needle

   The last post was showing the magazine Creative Needle’s version of this dress; you can see it here…So here’s my finished version of the dress. I used a yellow linen that is very similar to handkerchief linen purchased from Spotlight for $27.99 a meter.  As much as I’d like to say I’m happy with it, I’m not. I’m starting to wonder if i’ll ever make something that i’m totally thrilled with; you know…something that I’ve made with no faults haha

The pattern was an Old Fashioned Baby Pattern from the Best Embroidered Baby Clothes One, pattern. I started with making the teeny pin-tucks, removing threads for the needle weaving and then tracing the pattern on the fabric pieces, running a fine zigzag on the traced lines so that the linen didn’t unravel while i worked on it and then cutting the pieces out.  Once the pieces were stable I began the embroidery.

yellow bunny dress - pieces

I LOVED using the teeny tatting for the bottom edge although it was painful to stitch onto the entredeux; fiddly.

yellow linen bunny dress - creative needle - tatted edge

 I was going to make a slip to go with this, but decided against it because I didn’t like the wide neckline – for some reason, even though the neckline was stabilised, it has turned out very wide.  This wouldn’t hide the shoulder straps of a slip so i decided not to make one.

linen yellow dress - creative needle

I made some changes along the way. I omitted tatting from the neckline and the sleeves. Additionally when I embroidered the rabbits I used a padded satin stitch rather than simply satin stitch; i thought they needed to be padded.

Readers, do you find yourself thinking about the next project before the current one is even finished? I do…and it can be an Achilles Heel because I tend to lose motivation to finish the current project because I’m already thinking about fabric, patterns, lace etc for the next project.

While I was working on the yellow linen bunny dress I saw this in the 2013 Jan/Feb issue of Sew Beautiful Magazine (to which I subscribe – i get no freebies by mentioning the magazine).

sublime simplicity - susie gay jan/feb SB 2013

 I was immediately smitten; it’s right up my alley. It has drawn thread, hem stitching, embroidery and it’s white…i just love white.  Susie Gay from Berryhill Heirlooms designed it using her ‘Basic Yoke Baby Ensemble’ pattern, but thankfully any high yoked baby dress pattern can be used.

And so, off i went to search through my vintage layette sewing pattern collection…


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  1. The yellow, pink bunny dress is simply divine. Cannot imagine why we are all so self critical! The tatting is so fresh looking, really much nicer on linen than lace.

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