Upcycling, Learning New Skills, Resurecting Old Skills, A New Family Member And Having Some Fun

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Friends, I’ve been quiet on the blog for a while now. Last year we had a wonderful time in Berlin and Paris and then had a stressful time for quite a few months after we came home. But things have settled again and I find myself with the motivation to blog again.

The last month has been busy as Miss25 (I can barely believe she’s 25!!) came home from Berlin for the month. For part of the time, we also had my folks come stay for a week and Miss25’s German boyfriend stay as well. Everyone has gone back to their respective homes and we’re slowly settling back into our routine.  I’ve been scouring op shops for second hand Bratz Dolls to upcycle.  I, along with many others, have been inspired by Sonia Singh of Tree Change Dolls and started to learn how to paint doll faces, clean, wash and style doll hair. I’ve had to reteach myself to knit again and then draft tiny doll clothes patterns. It’s been fun! I’m going to sell them at local markets and perhaps online here at my website…that means i’ll have to figure out how to add an online marketplace on the website! I have an Etsy shop but wonder if it’s worth the effort as Etsy is so overpopulated these days…

bratz doll 1 bratz doll 1b bratz doll 1c bratz doll 1f

I did a quick photoshoot today, but will do a better one if/when i decide to sell online!  I haven’t decided on a price point yet – a lot of time and skills go into upcycling these dolls but I fear people may not want to pay for the time or skills it takes to create the new version.  We have become a society that expects cheap prices because of mass production and I fear that this expectation has numbed us from remunerating artisans fairly for their time and skill set.  Readers, what would you expect to pay for a doll that has been rescued from an op shop, cleaned, factory paint removed, hair washed, cut and styled, face painted, shoes/boots created from Sugru (a polymer product that I import from the UK) and clothed in garments that are hand made? Most of the dolls that I purchase from our local charity shop are bundled in bags of three but it rarely works out that all three dolls are Bratz or suitable for me to work with so I end up paying for three dolls and then re-donate the ones I don’t use.  Luckily my local charity shop has a reward system for donations where by I can get a card stamped to redeem a discount on my next purchase. So I make sure to get my card stamped each time I return the unwanted dolls; it doesn’t cover the cost of the unwanted dolls but helps out a little.

On other exciting news, early last October, we added a new family member. Her name is Boskyrhomb Laiken Scout or as we call her Laikey or Laiken. This is her with her furmum Carlotta on the day she left the litter in Ballarat to fly home to us.

laiken carlotta 3 oct 2014

That little face looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth…well don’t let that fool you because she’s only missing the horns; she’s a little devil hahaha

She and Wilbur are half genetic siblings; they share the same mother Carlotta, but have different fathers.

laiken on arrival 3:10:2014

This was the two of them at the back door about 4 or 5 weeks ago; she’s growing like a weed and isn’t too much shorter than Wilbur now. She’s still finer boned than him as she’s not yet sexually mature.

laiken wilbur waiting for dinner dec 2014

She conforms to breed standard much better than Wilbur does and so far doesn’t appear to suffer the same skin or respiratory allergies that he does. That said, he’s more laid back than she is; she’s a bundle of crazy energy! Training a second one has been easier funny enough, but only because I spent three years training Wilbur to a high standard. He models many behaviours and then she follows suite!

Laiken adores Wilbur, but he’s only more recently enjoying her company. Their play styles are very different and she was very rough with him when she had her puppy teeth. Now that she’s got adult teeth, Wilbur likes her much better. They had a very gentle and long introductory period because she was too rough with him and he didn’t like it. Their early months together was only for short supervised periods of time…some of it was for free play but much of it was to teach Laikey how to behave gently around Wilbur.

Well readers, that’s it from me. Please take the time to write in the comments about what you think you’d pay for an upcycled doll; it would help me enormously.

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