Vintage Baby Wear Collection – The Teeniest Dress & Slip

teeny white dress & slip combo

Hello friends, today I’m sharing a white on white vintage baby dress and slip combo. They are particularly small and look to be for a newborn. Compared to other mid-century garments in the collection this set is very modest.  The embroidery is positively yawn inspiring on the dress.

The sweet scalloped collar is the prettiest part of the top of the dress.

 white teeny baby dress yoke

The hemline is a sweet Madeira application.

 teeny white dress madeira hem

 When I purchased this dress, it was described as “never worn” and was presented in a sweet mid-century dress box. But friends, I’m not so sure that the dress hasn’t been worn. There are a couple of things that raise my suspicions. The first is the outer French seam: it has come apart.

 teeny white dress sleeve

If the dress had never been worn, I can’t see how this seam would have come apart. The second clue, was that this dress was heavily starched – so starched in fact it could have snapped if bent! I can’t see how so much starch could have lasted for over fifty years. The other clue that made me suspicious was that when the dress arrived, the pin tucks were ironed all the way down to the hem like pleats. Pin tucks are firstly for decoration and secondly they add bulk to the skirt – pleats take bulk away from the skirt. They aren’t supposed to be ironed like pleats. It makes me think that somewhere along the line, someone has come across the dress box and put a dress and slip set in after ironing with enough starch to make it stand on its own!

Anyways, I could be wrong; my stitching friend Kate thought that the dress had never been worn – she may well be correct.

Anyways, on to the slip – and it’s very sweet; at least the scalloped hem embroidery is very sweet.

 teeny white dress - slip

That double scalloped edge is swoon worthy! It appears to have been created with gimp thread for stability. The rest of the modest embroidery matches the dress and is very boring in comparison to all of the other vintage baby garments in the collection.

 teeny white dress - slip

That’s it for today folks – you deserve a cup of tea and piece of cake for your patience. I know that’s exactly what I feel like, but I’ve got painting to do; that’s another post! 😀

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