Vintage Pattern Collection Part 2

1839 McCall's girl's dress - 1953


Readers, it’s that time again…the time where I publicly purge my dirty  excitedly share my addictions collections again. It’s with a heavy heart Rubbermaid box full of vintage children’s sewing patterns that I purge share this time.  You already know that I collect vintage baby layette sewing patterns…I also collect other vintage patterns; the motivation of collecting depends on the genre.  Baby layettes are my first passion and next in line is children’s clothing sewing patterns. I really love 1940s to 1960s the most.

8001 McCall's

 This is the first vintage children’s sewing pattern I ever bought…I bought it on a whimsy. The picture quality is poor; I apologise…up on the top of the pattern envelope it says “not suitable for chubby girls”. When I first saw that I nearly died laughing and HAD to have it. Then by chance, I was out shopping with Miss20 a few years back and I saw a modern version of a vintage coat made from denim and it was lined with cotton; it was gorgeous. But the price tag was not gorgeous…for a baby’s coat that would fit a baby of about 6 months to one year, the asking price was $110!

Being the obtuse person I am, I thought, ‘I could make that for less than half that and do a better job’. Using the above pattern, some denim and quilting fabric as a lining and vintage and tailoring techniques I had a go.

Coat lining

 It seems I have to apologise quite a lot for the quality, or lack thereof, of some of my pictures. Forgive me Readers, these are old pics.

Denim, girls coat - size 4

 The coat remains as you see it now…buttonless and on my children’s sewing mannequin.  I used a number of vintage and tailoring techniques…the most obvious is the bound button holes. I would love to tell you that the reason the bound button holes are lighter in colour than the rest of the jacket is because I was deliberately making a design statement.  Sadly, stupidly I set the first one with the denim inside out and couldn’t be bothered re-doing it and so just continued on with my mistake. Never mind; that’s sewing for you.  I have since made another and instead of using quilting fabric as the lining, I used a vintage sheet. I collect the bright 1970s sheets to repurpose into quilts etc…Oh no…I think I let the cat out of the bag regarding another of my collections  😯

Readers, no good can come of these sharing-type posts – I fear I will be publicly humiliated and anonymously registered for the television show Hoarders.

vintage 70s sheet set for quilt

 Making the two jackets whetted my appetite for different styles and eras and so off I, figuratively, trotted to Etsy.  If you’ve never visited Etsy, Readers, I urge you to stay away – no good can come of it. Anything can be found on Etsy and you will rue the day you ever pressed the ‘buy’ tab.

745 Hollywood Patterns

 This 1940s era jacket, bonnet and leggings pattern is beyond adorable.


 And this 1950s coat and dress ensemble is divine. The coat has a cute front and back yoke with a glorious inverted pleat on the back.

3128 McCall's girl's coat - 1955

 This pattern from 1955 is fabulous.  The flirty dress-style is wondrous. I’m going to ask you to close your eyes and imagine in it made up in red medium-check gingham…go on Readers, close your eyes and imagine – are you drooling yet? Because I am. It’s on my to-sew list.

Once I had a couple  growing number of vintage coat patterns, I naturally moved my collection wider to include those cute dresses you saw above and then diaper sets, play suits and anything that took my fancy.

2892 Simplicity

Simplicity 1803 - 1935

  Believe it or not there are some limits I apply to my vintage children’s clothing sewing patterns…I never buy a pattern issued after 1969. The 1970s doesn’t inspire me at all and anything after that doesn’t work as vintage for me as my children were born in the 1980s and 1990s so it doesn’t feel that long ago for me  😕

   Advance 3857 - ca. 1940s

 McCall 1599 - 1951

 1366 Postal Pattern - girl's gored dress with yoke circa 1940s


 This sweet 1940s gored ‘sailor’ dress is another on my ‘to-sew’ list.

Right about now Readers, I know you’re wondering who I am making these clothes for?  Don’t judge me…no one.  I make them purely for my own pleasure…selfish I know, but pfft that’s life. Occasionally a piece may be given away to a friend’s child or grandchild, but mostly they’re just kept til (if) I have grandbabies of my own.

If you’d like to leisurely peruse my vintage children’s sewing pattern collection by all means be my guest; here’s the linky to the Flickr album that I use as a cataloging system. Whilst the baby layette album is up-to-date, the children’s sewing pattern album isn’t…I guess I should see to that shouldn’t I?

Readers since I have again shared my collections, I can’t help but ask…Do you collect? and if so what is your passion?



5 thoughts on “Vintage Pattern Collection Part 2

  1. Where can I find pattern for baby vintage matinee jackets to sew? The ones our grannies made from flannel and linen. Like a sleeping jacket….
    thank you

  2. Hi, Suzi
    I am a writer for the magazine ‘Australian Dolls Bears and Collectables’. I would love to talk to about your collections. Would you mind emailing me?

    Love your blog, Suzi.

    Rebecca King

  3. Tracy in once sense you have an instant collection LOL even though you don’t add to it. I have a small collection of mid century kokeshi container dolls that probably won’t ever be added to so even though it’s not an active collection it’s still a collection…your question certainly inspires further thought.

  4. When my mum died she had a lifetime of patterns and I have kept them all. Does that count as collecting? I don’t actually collect anything myself because I don’t want to unleash my hoarding potential. I loved looking at your collection though.

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