Vintage Sewing Pattern Cookie Set


Foodie Friends, I am still exploring the intersection between cookie decorating and my vintage sewing pattern collection – it’s been a delight so far.

Today’s selection are as faithful to the original pattern artwork as I can make it – there are a couple of exceptions due to the artwork dress being white and I have gone ahead and chosen a colour.

I’m starting with my very favourite sewing pattern artwork cookie – I just adore it.


It is circa 1933-35 – I love love love love the pattern artwork from the era fashion to the dreamy little 1930s girl. As always I use a Pico to create the outline and I use the fine tip end of a Rainbow Dust black edible marker. As long as you blot your loaded paintbrush really well, the black of the details and outline won’t blend out.  To get the shoes to blend black, I draw a series of little lines and dots inside the outline with a black Foodoodler edible marker. I then wet my brush, blot it and then gently blend those lines and dots until they melt into water paint and can be pushed around by my brush.


This is my second favourite…there are certain trends in my vintage pattern collection and children’s coats and coat dresses are definitely up there for me! For some reason I don’t have a date this pattern was released on hand, but it firmly sits in the late 1940’s early 1950s.


This sweet little summer ensemble is from 1950. To achieve the dress colour, I used Wilton’s Astor Mauve and mixed it with 95% cake decorator’s alcohol to create the water paint. The white sections were achieved by mixing Wilton’s white with 95% decorator’s alcohol. This tends to be a very gritty colour as I don’t think it’s a true gel colour. You need to mix it well and blot exceptionally well before you paint with it.


This image is from a sweet sweet Butterick pattern. I have many patterns in this style because I just love the shape of the garment. The drawn details on the dress help add the dimension of movement in the illustration. All of the colours on the cookie are Americolor gels.


This drop dead gorgeous pattern illustration is dated from 1941 to 1956 – dating vintage patterns isn’t an exact science. Anyways, it ticked my boxes because it was a coat and it was red! All the colours are Americolor gels using the same techniques as previous cookies.


This dress is from the same pattern envelope as the blue Butterick dress above. I used a Dusty Rose from the Americolor range for the dress and soft brown for the sole of the shoes. There are teeny dots of white on the lace around the collar and on the arm bands.


This little girl reminds me of  HRH Queen Elizabeth when she was a wee little girl. the pattern is a Simplicity from around 1940s-50s. The artwork on the pattern showed this dress as white, but I wanted colour so it would blend in with the set. I chose Americolor violet for the dress and brown for the hair with a touch of electric pink for the lolly pop.


This design is from 1958 – it really does scream the 1950s doesn’t it??? On the original pattern illustration the lines of the apron/pinafore are red, but I don’t have a red Rainbow Dust marker; only a Foodoodler red, which I’m pretty sure will run if I paint over it. So what I chose to do was paint the lines in black and then gently go over them with a loaded brush that was well blotted and then I gently and carefully ran the tip of the brush down over the lines. I think it would have been better if I could have drawn the lines in red marker.


This little sweety is from the same pattern envelope as the blue coat dress up top. I used the Rainbow Dust marker to create the hair detail  and I then loaded my brush up with water, blotted and then tried to get the harsher lines to bleed to create the hair colour. The skin colour on all of the girls is Americolour ivory, mixed in with 95% alcohol. As always I blotted my brush after it was loaded with water colour; I was very light handed with this colour as it has a yellow base to it rather than a pink base which I prefer for lighter skin colours.

And that brings us to the end of this cookie set: I hope you enjoyed it – I sure did. As always I will provide you a list of the materials and equipment I used to create the cookies so you too can have a go.

Materials and Equipment:

Cookies iced with Royal Icing

Assortment of Americolor and Wilton food colour gels

Black Rainbow Dust two ended marker

Black Foodoodler fine tip marker

Fine paintbrush (I use a fine round tip most of the time)

A method of outline transfer (I used a pico attached to an iPad – if you don’t have a Pico or KopyKake, you can transfer the image using tissue paper and the edible food marker.)

95% confectioner’s alcohol/Everclear/Spirytus (any of these will be fine as they all have a very high alcohol percentage)

Glass of water for brush cleaning

Paper towel for blotting

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