Vogue 2751 – Vintage Baby Layette Sewing Pattern

vogue 2751front

Friends, the other day I was lamenting the lack of vintage baby layette sewing patterns around.  Well I guess I’m going to have to eat my words, because not a day later, I found this Vogue offering straight from 1957!  It was released the same year that Vogue 2752 was re-issued for the second time; it’s previous incarnations were as 2551 (from 1950) and 2329 (from 1943).

Vogue 2752 - 1957                                                                                     vogue 2751front

  Readers, let’s have a gander at the two Vogues from 1957: 2751 and 2752. The          envelopes are the same style, both from Canada and they are the same price – 50 cents. This all tells me that they’re from the same pattern style era. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the designs are from the same era – we already know that 2752 was originally issued in 1943 as 2329.

The bunting has changed; in 2751 the bunting had no arms and the hood was triangular in shape – it also appears to close with ties or possibly a zip and a tie. The bunting in 2752 has arms with mittens, a rounded hood with a peak and it closes with what looks like a zip and a tab at the neck. The front and back pieces appear to be hemmed together flat which is different from 2751 which has a mitred base creating more of a three dimensional garment.

The sleeping bag also appears to have differences; the most obvious is the sleeve ends. On 2751 the sleeves are just turned up and a hem is sewn; on 2752 the sleeve ends are gathered shut with a ribbon to completely cover the hands.  Additionally it closes at the front – 2751 closes at the back.

2751 has a diagonal close shirt, but 2752 has no shirt at all. 2752 has a jacket and a sacque whereas 2751 only has a sacque. Both patterns have a sweet dress: 2752 has a Peter Pan collar with three neckline lace insertion strips and 2751 appears to have a round yolk with no neckline lace inserts.  

The nightgowns have differences too: 2751 closes at the front and has no discernible yoke whereas 2752 appears to have a round yoke and closes at the back.  

Folks, it amazes me that at first glance they two patterns look the same, but in fact there are lots of differences. I’m really looking forward to this one arriving so I can have a closer look at the similarities and differences of the two patterns.






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