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Hello faithful readers! I’m back. It’s been a crazy 9 months since we moved across the country to Brisbane with a lot of personal challenges. It took us three months to find a rental that would take two dogs who live inside and out but we finally managed to find a somewhat suitable house. The oven in the house doesn’t lend itself to baking cookies so i’m not doing any baking at the moment. We lost our my dear father-in-law last October – as a family, scattered far and wide, my partner’s siblings are working hard to stay connected and support their mother. In the whole awfully distressing scenario, the only good thing to come about, has been the reconnection of all of his siblings. There have been some other challenges but that’s enough sadness for this post! Now on to the fun stuff: Upholstery!

Since moving back to Brisbane, I’ve picked up my upholstery practice. I did a course in Adelaide in 2014 and learned a little traditional and modern upholstery in a project based course with Rebecca Trimmer from Upholstered Adelaide. Rebecca now runs out of her studio in Wright Street. I loved that course; i learned a lot in a great environment and realised i really love working with upholstery. I had always intended to go back and do a larger chair project but we’ve had two moves since 2015 and a several family challenges that kept ongoing learning on the back burner. So, at this point in time i’m concentrating on practicing my existing skills and building further skills through upholstery books and online courses and of course upholstery books. I’m also looking for Brisbane based courses that will allow larger projects rather than small chairs or footstools etc.

I’m going to leave you with a picture of my latest chair project which i will discuss in further detail in the next blog entry. I had intended to keep this chair and reupholster as a practice piece for a French style sofa i’ll be working on in a few months, but soon after purchasing it, i found three large Bergere chair frames that i fell in love with. So, now that this chair is finished, i’ll be selling it. I had always had a very specific vision for this chair and it turned out exactly as i had envisioned. I’ve added a matching throw  cushion that has contrasting piping and a zip. The cushion insert is also an in-house product: a zipped feather and high density foam chip fill – the zip makes cleaning and adding extra fill super easy.


If you’re interested in this small to mid sized Bergere chair and/or the throw cushion (and a matching 18cm lamp shade), you can email me directly at nslangford@yahoo.com.au

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