What’s your favourite cookbook?

I admit it…i have an additciton to recipe books and can barely resist a new one! Most recently i purchased The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhardt so i could participate in the #BBA which is twitter speak for the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge. You work your way through the book making each recipe/bread in sequential order. I’ve had the book two weeks and haven’t even made one bread LOL The only reason i haven’t made anything besides time restraints is that the whole books is emperial measurements ande i have to convert the bloody recipes! Such a frustrating job.
i made a comment about it on twitter and a few people just didnt get my frustration. Firstly it’s a time cosuming effort!…Time that i don’t have to waste. And secondly equally as important, perhaps even more so, is that we ive in a global community and i expect a recipe book to cater to all prospective readers not just some. For me it’s the behaviours that can be either inclusive or exclusive. This book was exclusive; it closed access to international readers outside the USA or imperial measurement users. I for one expect an author/publisher etc to know or anticipate their market
I made the chocolate raspberry tart using Larousse and i must say i learned a lot about putting flavours and textures together rather than just following a recipe. I also love all my Jamie Oliver books and his new magazines; Nigella Lawson is also on my love list as is Maggie Beer’s books!

So, what’s YOUR favourite recipe or cookbook?

So that’s my rant…I shall now roll my soapbox away [squeak, squeak, squeak].

I’ve often seen threads on Twitter that ask the question ‘what’s your favourite recipe book? Good Lord i have no way of answering that question. For optimal use i’d say you can’t got past Stephanie Alexander’s The Cooks Companion. that book can teach you so much about the basics of cooking without being simplistic and importatly it further develops and caters to developing cooking skills.

I recently bought Larousse Gastronomique and had a brilliant time changing my way of cooking by implementing many of the processess of cooking instead of following one recipe.

6 thoughts on “What’s your favourite cookbook?

  1. Michelle, snap,
    i’m doing the same in that i’m writing my own cookbook too, but mine is for my daughters with all our family recipes from the last two generations (back to their great grandparents). I’m using the smartpen (http://www.livescribe.com or http://www.smartpen.com.au) which uploads my handwriting electronically and then i can save each handwritten recipe as a pdf file. I’m printing them on ‘brown paper bag’ paper so it has a very earthy feel to it. I’ve sourced a binder that will heatset them with a leather-like hard cover and gold lettering for the title & author on the front & spine. I’m thinking of adding a section of blank pages so my daughters can add their own recipes to keep compiling their family history in food as they get older. Your question idea is great! Although, you’re dad’s joke camel stew sounds good….i’d have a go…getting the camel meat might be hard, but there are some great ‘game’ specialty meat stores around. thanx for sharing!

  2. I am making my own – have asked all my facebook friends to send me their favourite receipes and to answer the questions:
    Why did you choose this recipe?
    What is your favourite food?
    What is your most memorable food experience?
    If you could choose 5 people (dead or alive) to invite to a dinner party who would you choose.

    It will become my favourite book when it is is done because it will represent the recipes that people that mean a lot to me have chosen to share with me… and they are tried and tested…except maybe the Camel Stew for 3000 that my Dad sent as his (joke) contribution!

  3. Any cookbook by Nigel Slater. If I was pushed I'd say Kitchen Diaries. If I was allowed to pick 3 I would add How to be a domestic goddess by Nigella Lawson and Meat by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall.

  4. Mine would be On Food and Cooking by McGee. I can understand the frustration for the BBA because I know it was a book in metric only I would be furious and probably not participate. I will say I did not grasp the undertaking and it does take a lot of time.

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