Wilbur’s New Puppy Friend & A Layette Pattern

Advance 6588 - Pyjama Bag Puppy

Friends, I saw this pattern a little over a week ago and I just couldn’t resist – seriously; how cute is this pyjama puppy??? I’m going to make it up and welcome it into the fold…I’m not sure how the other adorable puppy in my life will cope with the introduction of this cute puppy! He is apt to chew is stuffies to pieces…So maybe i’ll make a version each for misses 20 and 23 24.

Sometimes I purchase certain vintage patterns because they have an interesting technique or style, but the pyjama puppy was my online version of an impulse purchase at the check-out. There was no guilt involved in this purchase friends; no siree! When it arrived I noticed that it has a zip – Now i know there’s nothing exciting about a zip but I’ve never come across a vintage children’s patterns that has a zip – they nearly always have button closures. I know technically it’s not a children’s fashion pattern, but I still got a little thrill with the zip!

It’s the humble zip that leads me to my next pattern folks.

Advance 8384 ca 1940s

Take a look at this sweet Advance 8384 pattern…now take a closer look…YES it’s a zip! And it’s in a children’s ‘fashion’ sewing pattern garment!

My zip cherry has hereby been popped!

Readers, could there possibly be anything that would top this pattern??? I’m not sure there is; my life will continue forward knowing that the best in life has been experienced and all that’s left is a long endless road of mediocrity.

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