Woodfire Preserved Fig & Strawberry Jam Dessert Pizza

I LOVE pizza…yup…no two ways about it!  But in saying that I’ve got to make it clear that I won’t eat what’s served up at places like Dominoes and Pizza Hut etc!  The only pizza that i’ll eat that I don’t make myself is from Good Life Organic Pizza here in Adelaide.  They make divine pizza but they’re NOT cheap.  So, to satisfy my love of pizza, I’ve been making my own for a while now.  I bought a pizza stone to go in my gas oven and started trying different dough recipes.  More recently, I’ve been cooking them in our outdoor woodfire oven.

The thought of a dessert pizza has previously made my stomach turn, but I tried one at Good Life on Hutt Street a while back and I was converted!  Okay okay…I admit it, the pizza had chocolate in it and I love chocolate so much I’d eat it from my dog’s bowl 😆  But seriously, chocolate or no chocolate, my previous wariness was cured with that dessert pizza. 

So, when this year our backyard fig tree finally produced enough edible fruit  to bottle, I realised I had the perfect ingredient for a dessert pizza.  I bottled the figs in a star anise, vanilla and  cinnamon  syrup and they were deicious.  I decided that I’d use jam in the same way as I use pizzaola sauce on savoury pizzas by spreading it on.  But my first attempt but was a bit of a technique failure because I watered the jam down and when I slid the pizza off the pizza pan onto the stone the jam liquid spilled over the stone.  The jammy liquid didn’t evapourate in the woodfire oven but instead turned into a black charcoal mess which stuck to the base of the pizza. 

This time, I didn’t water the jam down.  Instead I mixed it well and then spread it onto the base with the back of a spoon.  Then I cut up the figs and arranged them on the top.  I bunged it into the woodfire oven and hey presto, a few minutes later I had a brilliant dessert pizza ready to be topped with cream/creme fraiche/yoghurt and greedily eaten.

I can’t imagine that cooking this in a conventional oven on a pizza stone wouldn’t be just a successful as cooking it in a pizza oven if you don’t have access to one.   I used week old pizza dough that had been tied up in a freezer bag and refrigerated from last Sunday night (waste not want not) and it was fine.  Next time I’m going to use the Bourke Street Bakery pizza dough recipe because it’s my newest favourite pizza dough recipe.  (download a dough recipe here )  And when I run out of bottled figs, I’ll be looking for another sweet alternative! 

So dear readers…are you a dessert pizza lover?  If not, what would tempt you to turn?

3 thoughts on “Woodfire Preserved Fig & Strawberry Jam Dessert Pizza

  1. Jonathon im thrilled you had the same success with the Bourke Street Bakery dough recipe too…I swear by it now. U got me thinking…bakers like to cook using exact weights and percentages/ratios of ingredients but I think I’ll weigh out the recipe & then convert it to cups/tsp/tbsp etc for those without electronic scales. Can i encourage you to get a cheap set of electronic scales??? I use mine daily…

  2. Everyone I used this dough recipe and it was amazing – I am a little challenged when recipes have weights (as opposed to 1 cup of, 2 tsp of…) as I don’t have scales or a good sense of spacial awareness and it still turned out amazing!

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